What my clients say!

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“Theresa Scafella Beauty Services made me feel amazing with my hair and makeup! Very talented. I highly recommend!”

- Susan M.
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“I can honestly say that I felt like a million bucks after my session with Theresa Scafella Beauty Services. My husband wouldn’t stop looking at me, and my daughters kept complimenting me.”

- Laura B.
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“My makeup artist was truly amazing and extremely creative. Whether you’re looking for a smoky eye look or colorful bright look, she can make anything happen. She makes the session very comfortable and enjoyable.”

- Alexis G.
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“I had a wedding coming up and wanted to look my best. On the day of my wedding, Theresa Scafella Beauty Services did a stunning job. I felt amazing, and I looked beautiful in my wedding photos.”

- Karen M.
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